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Double lemon layer cake

I’m currently going through a spate of thirtieth birthdays (it must be my age!). An enjoyable part of all of these birthdays is having an excuse to bake something special for the birthday – I love having the opportunity to make a decadent layer cake (you can check out some of my previous efforts here, […]

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A few weeks ago, Mr M and I had both sets of our parents over for dinner. I decided that a lemon tart would be a perfect, no-fuss dessert. However I have never actually made one before, so I went through my recipe books and found a great recipe in ‘I know how to cook’ […]

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       I absolutely love using preserved lemons in my cooking. I use them in Middle Eastern recipes such as tagine and pilaf,  but also to give a flavour lift to other dishes such as risotto and pasta or as a stuffing for chicken or lamb. My only issue is that I tend to go through the preserved lemons quickly and given […]

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