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Double lemon layer cake

I’m currently going through a spate of thirtieth birthdays (it must be my age!). An enjoyable part of all of these birthdays is having an excuse to bake something special for the birthday – I love having the opportunity to make a decadent layer cake (you can check out some of my previous efforts here, […]

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July is a time full of family birthdays, with Mr M, my mother then my sister-in-law, C all having birthdays in a row, with a week separating each. When we got together for my mum’s birthday, I naturally offered to do the cake baking, particularly as I was itching to test out my brand new […]

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As regular readers would well be aware, I have a huge sweet tooth and absolutely love baking. Family birthdays are an excellent excuse to spend some time in the kitchen making a sweet treat. On the weekend, it was my dad’s birthday and I offered to bake him a birthday cake of his choice. He […]

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