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Kanteen is located on a bend of the yarra river and it’s a pretty stunning place to sit and enjoy a coffee or a meal.  Late last year, Saskia, Mr M and I visited Kanteen for a quick refuel.

Kanteen offers a breakfast and lunch menu that overlap – with breakfast served until 3pm and lunch served from 11am. Breakfast fare ranges from rye melts ($8), a range of eggs ($11-$16.50), porridge ($9.5), muesli ($9.5) and breakfast pides ($10). Lunch items include a range of pides (peppered chicken, pastrami, tuna or mediterranean vegetable, $12.50) as well as a couple of salads ($18.50), a curry ($18.50) and a soup of the day ($14).

I opted for the spanish eggs with goats cheese, chorizo, parmesan and napoli sauce ($16.50). Kanteen do not offer gluten free bread so I asked for it to be served without bread. Somewhat oddly, I was told that the baked eggs had pide bread in them and that it couldn’t be taken out at my request (although presumably they make the eggs fresh to order?). Odd. Instead, I went for the gluten-free corn cakes with avocado and tomato salsa and a poached egg ($16.50):


These were fine, but oddly bland. I ended up dousing them in salt, pepper and that little wedge of lemon in an effort to bring out some flavour. The corn cakes were dense.

Mr M chose from the lunch menu, a peppered chicken pide with pesto mayonnaise, roast capsicum and salad ($12.50):


Mr M thought that his pide was ok, but veered into similar territory as mine – blandness.

Saskia fared better with her choice, the ‘herbivores delight’, poached eggs with baked beans and persian fetta ($16.50):


Saskia enjoyed the rich, almost sweet tomatoey beans and the saltiness of the feta.

Overall, I was underwhelmed with Kanteen. The location is lovely, but the food was on the expensive side and not that great. While I was a bit unimpressed, Saskia disagreed. Saskia has visited Kanteen on numerous occasions and generally enjoyed it. Saskia thinks that our sub-par experience was an isolated incident and that we should give Kanteen another go.

So there you have it – a vote each way on Kanteen. If you have visited I’d love to hear what you thought of it, please cast your vote in the comments!



Others who have visited Kanteen (and largely liked it) include the informal foodie, Iron Chef Shellie, Easy as Vegan Pie and Breakfast Out .



150 Alexandra Ave
South Yarra
Ph: (03) 9827 0488

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4 Responses to “Kanteen South Yarra: the jury is out”

  1. Christy says:

    I’m with you on this Em, both times I’ve been the food (and service too actually) has been sub-par, exy and boring. A pity because the location is awesome!

    • Emily says:

      Oh, I’m happy to have someone on my side! Yes I was just underwhelmed by my meal – it was surprising that it was bland given it had lots going for it (avo, tomato, lemon). Quite perplexing…

  2. Lisa says:

    I agree with you, while on the whole I mostly enjoyed the food (I also had to douse my corn cakes in S&P and steal some of my friend’s bacon to make it more interesting) the service was terrible, ranging from disinterested to outright rude. That has put me off going back…

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