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There’s a new food truck in town – Taco Truck MelbourneBeatbox Kitchen have been around for a while, serving burgers and fries from their mobile food van. Tonight, Beatbox kitchen launched their new truck – Taco Truck!

I was sitting on the tram, reading about this all unfolding on Twitter when I realised that said truck was pulled up in my street. Spontaneous taco anyone?


(this girl was excited as I was!)

Taco truck offers 3 tacos – fish (with slaw, lime and poppy mayo), beef (tomato salsa, salsa verde, radish and chipolte mayo) and veg (jalapeno ricotta, slaw, mushroom, spring onion and salsa verde). All tacos are just $6. I went for the beef taco:


Lovely charred beef strips, fresh crunch of radish and tomato salsa. The chipolte mayo and salsa verde had a little heat but didn’t pack much of a punch – which makes sense given the taco should be crowd pleasing. It certainly pleased this crowd – I really enjoyed my taco!

I should also mention that the tortilla is 100% corn so this is also suitable for all the GF people out there… win!



Taco Truck Melbourne
At various locations around Melbourne – check their Facebook and Twitter for locations.

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8 Responses to “Taco Truck Melbourne: spontaneous taco makes me happy”

  1. Bunny says:

    That photo alone makes me want to throw a giant tantrum until my boyfriend drives me from Geelong to Melbourne and buys me a taco!

  2. I must track this down! I’ve been dreaming of food trucks for forever!

  3. Regretful says:

    Saw this last night but kept walking as we were for dinner. Suddenly very remorseful.

    Hopefully it copies the Beatbox kitchen route and comes to Park St soon.

  4. Ashley Ng says:

    Oooh, wow! After going to New York where there was an AWESOME taco truck in the outdoor area of this bar, I’ve been craving for something simple and cool like this. Hope they’re around my area soon… 🙂

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