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I’ll keep this pretty simple. I love the Fox.

The Fox is another of my local pubs and it is my favourite haunt for a Sunday afternoon drink. The Fox is pretty unparalleled when you are perched on the rooftop beer garden and the weather is lovely. Look at that view back to the city!


While most of my time at the Fox is spent in said beer garden, making my way through a cheeky bottle of rose, I also enjoy a pub meal there too. The Fox has an extensive menu that spans the standard pub favourites (parma ($18), burger ($16), fish and chips ($18)) and veers into more interesting choices (morton bay bug pie ($19), duck risotto ($19), pork belly ($23) or kangaroo fillet ($20)). It also has a very impressive vegetarian menu (think eggplant and zucchini stack ($17), marinated tofu steak ($17) or vegetarian moussaka ($17)) and is gluten-free friendly (the menu denotes which items are GF or can be prepared GF). So it’s perfect for your dietary challenged friends (yes that includes me).

I usually go down the more traditional pub route when I order and I’m yet to be disappointed. Here is a selection of what we had the last time we visited – Smokey beef burger and a parma that really is big enough for two (just order extra chips!):

(untitled) (untitled)

Chicken burrito, $17 & an old favourite, the Foxy fish plate, $25 (this is mine and it’s GF – the fish is battered in polenta):

(untitled) (untitled)

So there you have it! Good pub food that is well prepared and great value. With a cracking beer garden. I’ll be there soon.



I’m not the only blogger that has loved the Fox – Brian declared it his new favourite pub, Cindy and Michael have visited many many times and Joyce gave it a HOT.

The Fox Hotel
351 Wellington Street, Collingwood
Ph: (03) 9416 4957

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4 Responses to “The Fox – a local favourite”

  1. Cindy says:

    You know we love it too! My favourite selection of veg pub meals anywhere.

    • Emily says:

      Yes – I was so happy that you liked the Fox too! I actually meant to link to your posts in mine – will update now (that’s what I get for blogging while sleep deprived!)

  2. Simon G says:

    The Fox is a supporter of my favourite local alternative music station PBS FM, but that wouldn’t have been enough to get me there for a possibly dodgy parma– now, however, I got two great reasons to check them out!

    • Emily says:

      Yeah the food is great there. When I first started going to the Fox, a few years back, I wasn’t that enamoured with the food. But it has been consistently good for a while now. Would love to know what you think if you go there!

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