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Vegan power balls!


A few months ago I was feeling pretty rough.  After a few doctor visits and several needle jabs, I discovered that my iron levels were severely lacking.

Ever since then, I’ve been trying to incorporate more iron into my diet. A friend of mine makes these fab little tahini balls which are packed full of iron and other necessary nutrients. I’ve been whipping them up with frequency lately.

Emily has christened them ‘vegan power balls’ and the name has stuck, ridiculous though it may be.

I think these are pretty awesome but they don’t please everyone. I took them on a plane trip recently and when I offered them around my friends accused me of being like the dorky mum who gives their kids ‘healthy’ snacks to take to school. Anyway, I care not what they think! In my opinion, these little balls tick all the boxes of being healthy, easy and super-tasty.

1 cup tahini, preferably unhulled for extra nutrients
½ cup LSA mix (ground linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds)*
¼ cup nuts (use any such as almonds or hazelnuts)
¼ cup dried fruit (again, use any such as sultanas or apricots – we used cranberries)
3 tbs honey
½ cup dessicated coconut

These ingredient quantities are pretty malleable. Use more or less of anything to suit your own personal specifications.

Firstly, chop up nuts and dried fruit into smallish pieces.


In a medium bowl, add tahini, LSA, nuts, dried fruit and honey.


Mix well with a fork to incorporate all ingredients. If the mixture is too loose to roll into balls, add more LSA. If the mixture is too solid, add more tahini. Taste the mixture and adjust any of the ingredients further until the flavour and texture is to your liking.

Roll the mixture into balls of about 1 inch in diameter. Pour the dessicated coconut onto a plate. Roll the balls in the coconut.


Place on a platter and enjoy. Power up.


*LSA and tahini are available from health food shops or the health food section in the supermarket.

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4 Responses to “Vegan power balls!”

  1. Sign me up for Team Dork, because these really excite me! Am lacking in Iron myself, but would have no problem building it back up with these power balls. With the tahini, would you say they’re more on the savoury side or is that altered with the honey and fruit?

    • Saskia says:

      Great! I’m so pleased that you’re keen on these! I guess you’re either a tahini person or not…

      Interesting that you should ask this savoury/sweet question. I say they’re savoury but my friend who gave me the recipe says that they are a dessert food. Maybe it depends on your tastebuds and the amount of honey you choose to add?

      I’ve been eating them as a snack. Yum yum!

      (ps: sorry about tardy reply, I’m OS at the moment.)

  2. Lesh says:

    Hi there, I love this recipe! I make it all the time. It’s such a heathy, nutritious snack–and so easy to make. I love tahini, too. I actually used the unhulled one. Thanks for sharing this recipe 🙂

  3. […] credit for this recipe goes to the food blog ..it pleases us. I’ve modified it ever so […]

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