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Regular readers would be well aware (and perhaps irritated) that my posts are often Northside or city-centric, mainly because I live in the North and work in the city. It seems I don’t really get out of my hood that much, so when Claire suggested a breakfast adventure that required going over the Westgate Bridge, I was immediately in.

Naturally, the Saturday morning we chose was wet and miserable (as basically every Saturday has been of late). To make matters worse, I was nursing a hangover. The fact that we were crossing several suburbs and many great breakfast joints did cross my mind. The Duchess of Spotswood had better be worth it.

The space was decked out in a sweet, simple, pared back style. The only nod to royalty was the superb chandelier shown above.


After a coffee (Small Batch) was downed, the homemade lemonade with fresh mint ($5 to share for two) seemed a perfect foil for my hangover:


Cold, refreshing and sweet, it certainly helped the brain to start functioning again.

In my state, the Duchess of Pork ($19.50) was a siren song (and a much better choice than Michael who was coincidentally there on the same day and nursing a hangover):


Pork belly at breakfast! With duck egg and a truffle sauce. It was rich, decadent and earthy.

Claire chose the enjoyably titled ‘loose morels’ ($16.50):


The last of the season’s morels with white asparagus, crispy smoked pork neck and smoked egg. The morels were sublime.

Clearly, the Duchess has it going on and their breakfast warrants crossing several suburbs and a bridge. I urge you to check it out!


Duchess of Spotswood
87 Hudsons Rd, Spotswood
Ph: (03) 9391 6016

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5 Responses to “Duchess of Spotswood: a breakfast adventure!”

  1. claire says:

    Gahhhhhh, those morels. Were sublime. SUBLIME.

  2. The homemade lemonade with fresh mint has done it for me!!

  3. Hannah says:

    Teehee, that egg yolk looks like it’s trying to make a break for it! The morel dish looks magnificent, particularly as I’ve never eaten morels. Sad face!

  4. Trish McCully says:

    Funny, I was talking to my brother yesterday about meeting at Duchess, which is just up the street from his home. Spotswood and Seddon have a host culinary delights. It’s a shame about the distance!!!

  5. Emily says:

    Claire: yes, I wish there were more morels to be had – so sad the season is over.

    MRM: the lemonade was killer…

    Hannah: honestly you need to come to Melbourne for a visit – whereby you will try morels, baked eggs and I will take you to Monsieur Truffe and you will lose your mind. Seriously.

    Trish: it’s lovely to get out of the comfort zone and try some new places that aren’t in my backyard. I am very keen to do some more ‘adventuring’ and try other places over that way. Any recommendations?

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