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Day 5 at 2pm: De Clieu was pumping.

Seven Seeds‘ new baby had buzz from the beginning. Actually, it had buzz before the beginning, with rumours on Twitter well before the announcement of its impending opening. De Clieu opened on a Tuesday, had a series of reviews in the first 4 days (the first by My Aching Head) and by the Saturday was the madness shown above. A pretty impressive feat given the stiff competition on Gertrude Street.

But then again, Seven Seeds rightly has a name for itself. Clearly, the draw here is the coffee, although there is also a short menu that offers a mixture of dishes suitable for breakfast or lunch. On the more breakfasty side is toast ($5.5 or $6.5 for fruit), gluten-free muesli and the amusingly titled ‘let’s get going’ combination of coco pops, red cordial and coffee for $10. The balance of the dishes would work for either breakfast or lunch and include a ricotta wedge on toast with a range of toppings ($8.5 – $13.5), lentil and rice pancake ($12.5 or $16.5 with prawns), pickled calamari salad ($14.5) and a range of baguettes (poached veal $10.5, duck neck sausage $11.5) and toasted sandwiches (ham $9.5, asparagus and rocket $ 10.5 or banana and nutella $7.5).

I popped in for a coffee and quick lunch with my mate J. The obviously gluten-free options on the menu (muesli, salad or lentil and rice pancake) didn’t immediately appeal. While the menu does not state that gluten-free bread is available, I noticed that the bread supplier is Fatto a Mano, the maker of one of my favourite GF breads. The waitress confirmed that GF bread is served and I happily ordered the toasted sandwich with ham and raclette.

While we waited for my sandwich, we enjoyed some lovely coffees:



A good 30 minutes later my sandwich had not surfaced and we joked that the delay could be due to the staff having to make a mad dash across the road to buy more GF bread. I finally decided to ask after the sandwich and the explanation was far less interesting, the docket had mistakenly been marked as completed. The sandwich arrived shortly thereafter, along with an apology, and the sandwich was on the house:


This was good. Warm, smokey ham, with an interesting tomato mustard, spring onion and raclette.

All in all, it was a slightly mad visit (due to the crowds) but the coffee was great and the sandwich I had was nice. A slight misstep with service is understandable only 5 days in, and it was handled very well. I’ll definitely be back for a coffee and a nibble soon.


De Clieu
187 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
Ph: (03) 9416 4661

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7 Responses to “De Clieu: Seven Seeds’ new baby hits Gertrude Street”

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for the link! I love a new cafe opening. Hopefully it settles down a little bit and perhaps next weekend it’ll be a bit more sane.

  2. Catherine says:

    Oh nice photos 🙂 I’m going there tomorrow so I hope it’s not too busy!

  3. Esz says:

    You’re on the ball! I really wanted to get down there this weekend but thought it would be WAY too packed – and it seems they are. It’s great news for them but I hate standing around waiting for a seat. Do you know if they take names like they do at Auction Rooms & St Ali etc or do you just have to wait around the front??

    • Emily says:


      Yes they do take names, it was all very efficient. We arrived about 1.30pm and waited about 10 to 15 minutes for a table, which I thought was fine. I also popped by mid week for a coffee before work and it was pretty busy, although you could probably walk in and snag a table instantly.

  4. J says:

    Em! I went back today 🙂 Had the lentil & rice pancake. Wanted prawns, but they were all out… was v. good nonetheless. Waiting for a table for 4 proved to be more difficult than barstools for 2! looking forward to your review on the Tiger Thai place. luv ya x x x p.s. Catherine obv.s has great taste in photos!

  5. Christy says:

    We went for brunch at 3pm yesterday (linner?) and got a table straight away, though the kitchen was about to close. The ground lamb pizza and the roti with pork were both awesome!

  6. Emily says:

    Michael: Yes hopefully it will be less crazy though I somehow doubt it – Proud Mary is still super busy every weekend and its been open about a year. It is worth battling the crowds for though, great coffee.

    Catherine: Glad you like the photos. I can’t take credit for the best photo at the top, my mate J took that photo (she was in a better spot to take it subtly!) I was very pleased with her efforts. She can be my blog date any time with pics like that!

    J: Good to hear that the pancake is nice as well. That is definitely on my to try list. And the Thai place is Easy Tiger..

    Christy: That’s a great tip – turn up at an odd time and snag a table. Ground lamb pizza sounds so good – very sad I am wheat free! Will make Mr M get it sometime!

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