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So the devastation part should be pretty clear by now. 

The back story is as follows. Mr M was headed to Sydney for a work meeting. I innocently texted him the address of Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie in Darling st and requested a sneaky macaron run if he had time. It’s fair to say, I absolutely lost it when later that morning I received this picture via sms: 

My pristine macarons!

Unfortunately, something happened between the picture above and the one at the top – that something was Mr M placing the macarons in his briefcase (lest he be caught with a bag of macarons in a meeting). When that package of flattened, squashed, desecrated macarons was given to me, I will admit I was somewhat ungrateful and absolutely devastated. Though after I tasted them, I did see some sense and was very appreciative of Mr M’s efforts to procure said macarons (which is a long story that involves a $90 cab ride, 30 minutes of queuing at Zumbo and the taxi driver being given a fine while waiting for Mr M in the 30 minute queue – eek).

So here is what they were supposed to look like (photo courtesy of Zumbo patisserie



Mr M bought me 6 flavours –  beetroot & raspberry (the bright red one), pear pistachio & fennel (the light green one), Kalamata olive & bergamot candy (the black one at the back), custard crunch (the creamy one in the centre), citrus & mustard (the bright green one) and Mont Blanc (unsurprisingly, the white one). 

Obviously, I can make no comments whatsoever about the shape and texture of the macarons, given they were mostly crushed into oblivion. So, lets talk about taste.

I started off innocuously with the bright green citrus and mustard macaron. In the centre of the macaron, hidden amongst the tangy, acidic middle was a slick of light brown mustard. The mustard added a savoury richness which was interesting against the tangy lemon/lime. This was my favourite of the day. Next up was the completely smashed to smithereens, beetroot and raspberry. Again, this macaron had a nice play on sweet and savoury, with an earthiness coming through the raspberry, thanks to the beetroot. I then tried the pear, pistachio and fennel macaron. Biting in to it, I couldn’t detect any of the fennel, but like the mustard, it was hidden in the middle. The slick of fennel added an aniseedy, liquorice element to the sweetness of the pear and the subtle pistachio. Next was the custard crunch, which was very subtle. This was a good precursor to the black Kalamata olive macaron. Unsurprisingly, it had a salty edge to it, thanks to the olive. The real surprise was the crunch of a whole citrus candy, embedded in the centre of the macaron. Very fun. Last was the Mont Blanc, which was also quite subtle in flavour, with a vanilla hit and some richness from chestnuts.

Since the Masterchef macaron madness – you can also try making the Kalamata olive and raspberry/beetroot macarons (assuming you can get your hands on candied Kalamata olives!?!) – the recipe is here. Oh and while I mention Masterchef and macarons, if you have any questions about macarons and macaroons, then this zine should sort you out.

After making my way through that smorgasbord I was absolutely blown away. Such interesting uses of flavour and texture. I really enjoy something different from the usual in a macaron, and these were all so inventive, creative and, most importantly, delicious. Mr M has been given high praise for his efforts in acquiring these for me. I’m also incredibly excited that next month I will be meeting Adriano and learning some macaron tips and tricks from him at the Essential Ingredient’s cooking school. Rest assured, dear reader, I promise a blog post and a half on that one!! (EDIT: here is the link to my macaron class with Adriano Zumbo)


Adriano Zumbo Patisserie
296 Darling St, Balmain, NSW
(02) 9810 7318


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3 Responses to “Zumbo’s macarons – devastated but delicious”

  1. Hannah says:

    *Jumps up and down like a four year old throwing a tantrum* Want so badly! I honestly can’t decide which of those flavour I want more. I love mustard, I love olives, I love pistachio, and Mont Blancs are one of my all-time favourite desserts. And now you get to meet Zumbo and make them yourself? You lucky thing! Have an amazing time, safe in the knowledge that I’m crying to myself in Canberra at the same time! 😉

  2. Sarah says:

    What a great hubby you are Mr M! So impressed by the adventure of you on your macaron run…

  3. Ashley says:

    Mmmmmm, the flavours look so interesting! I was just reading about these in another blog and I”m popping down to Sydney next weekend…little bit out of the way but I think I might be able to twist the boy’s arm in coming with me..:)

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