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A little while back, I wrote a post about new cafe EARL Canteen. Despite its locale at the other end of the city from my workplace, since then I have had several lunches there – including the much discussed pork belly sandwich that it seems everyone has been talking about (Jess dubbed it the ‘sex’ sandwich and it was raved about by Melbourne Gastronome and Cooking with Goths as well). All I will say of the sandwich is that it is damned good and very popular, so if you want to try it, best to get there early in the day (although it is not ready before 11am).

I visited EARL recently on a very crisp Winter’s morning with breakfasting buddies B & Z. For breakfast, EARL offers a breakfast baguette, mushroom wrap, toast as as well as muesli, porridge, crumpets and some baked beans.

Z and I both liked the sound of the porridge, but Z was swayed to try the housemade crumpet with lemon butter ($4.5):


Z enjoyed her crumpet and loved the lemon butter. The only qualm was that one crumpet was probably a bit too little for a workday breakfast and she found herself hungry at about 11am. Thankfully, Z had a macaron to satisfy those hunger cravings, see below.

B had a special – breakfast ciabatta with salmon, creme fraiche and cucumber:


I had the porridge with two types of slow cooked apple ($8):


This was absolutely delicious. Very creamy and flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon. Ordinarily I like milk with my porridge but this was so moist that it didn’t need any at all. The slow cooked apple and quince were meltingly tender. Win win win!

We all took some macarons to go. EARL’s macarons are now supplied by Josephine – I have previously raved about these macarons. I had a coffee macaron and a passionfruit macaron:


Of the two, the coffee was my favourite – it had an earthy coffee flavour and was really delicious. The passionfruit macaron was quite subtle, the passionfruit was overshadowed a bit by the dark chocolate ganache but I enjoyed the chocolatey-ness of the ganache nonetheless.

All in all, a great spot to pop in for a mid-week breakfast. Service was fast and friendly and that porridge was seriously great. I’ll be visiting again!


EARL Canteen
Ground level, 500 Bourke,
Lt Bourke St courtyard, Melbourne
(Just past the steps up to Movida Aqui – look for the large EARL sign)
Ph: (03) 9600 1995

EARL Canteen on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to “Breakfast at EARL Canteen – love that porridge”

  1. Ashley says:

    Ooh wow, I’m not usually so enticed by porridge, but that sounds and looks quite amazing. Especially with this weather we’ve been having!

  2. Sheena says:

    I went to EARL this morning for breaky and on your recommendation had the porridge… delicious! thanks Embo!

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