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The Breakfast Club is located in St Georges Rd, Northcote, nestled in a little strip of shops.  It is a small, light filled, quirkily outfitted space full of nicknacks.

I think the Breakfast Club is such a great name for a cafe. While it naturally evokes thoughts of breakfast (and eggs!) it also has that extra element of taking me back to one of the classic movies of my childhood:

I already have the strains of Simple Minds in my head as well – classic eighties stuff (if you need a reminder, check out the final scene of the movie, including the epic music, here).

Tangent completed, on to the cafe.

As you would expect from a cafe called the Breakfast Club, there is a focus on all things suitable for breakfast, many of which make a pretty fine lunch as well. The cafe offers “toasts with the mosts” (from $4.50 – $10) and an ode to the film with the inclusion of the ringwald (French brie and quince paste melt with basil on sourdough toast – $8), a very apt choice given that in the film, Ringwald’s character Claire is the stuck-up princess, who likes the finer things in life (sushi in 1985!). On to the rest of the menu, there are fresh rolls ($7.50 – $8.50) with amusing names like “Rollin wit my homies”, toasted sandwiches ($6.50-$7.50) and soup of the day ($8.50). Eggs are given the focus they deserve with a variety of baked eggs ($13.50) as well as eggs in a roll ($11). Finally, you can eat something breakfasty for those with a “Sweet Tooth”, think cinnamon toast with stewed fruit and yoghurt or organic vegan banana and date bread with cream cheese ($7 – $9.50) you can even go back to childhood and get some Coco Pops for $4. For the gluten-free peeps I am happy to report that the Breakfast Club has gluten free bread on hand as well.

I visited the Breakfast Club for lunch and couldn’t go past the baked eggs (and neither could my dining companion Saskia). I ordered the Huevos Rancheros baked eggs ($13.50):


The eggs were baked with spinach and a variety of beans, with fetta and coriander on top and sour cream on the side. The bean mix with the eggs was not particularly spicy, but the sour cream was still a great element. The photo doesn’t really do it justice but this was quite a generous serving of said eggs. On the side, there was a seriously great little avocado, tomato and coriander salad. It was incredibly simple but it worked because the tomatoes were so fresh and actually flavoursome (unlike those pitiful things you find in the supermarket).

Coffee (Supreme) was good and for the Bon Soy lovers, it is stocked here as well.


Service was very relaxed (perhaps a little too relaxed when we first arrived), but they absolutely won us over with their friendliness by the end.  I will absolutely return.

Note: the owners of the  Breakfast Club have opened a cafe/restaurant next door, aptly called the Next Door Diner. I will be checking that out in the near future as well (EDIT: I’ve now been to Next Door Diner and I loved it).


The Breakfast Club
206 St Georges Road, Northcote
Ph:  0450 581 494

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7 Responses to “The Breakfast Club: great breakfast (and lunch!)”

  1. Hannah says:

    I’ve been wanting to try a baked egg dish for some time now, and that looks scrumptious! Big fan of The Breakfast Club, but can’t get into Sixteen Candles. Some of the unconscious-female-swapping business just doesn’t sit quite right…

  2. Ren says:

    Mintox blog… I totally thought baked eggs would gross me out but they look, like, a cool as my new Reebok high tops and hypercolour tee… RADICAL…
    Sour cream used to barf me out… but now i think it is totally gnarly… I prefer it my staple, Push-pops.

    Anyway, gotta run- in the middle of puff painting my stonewash denim jacket and trying to find my slap-bands which i think i lost at the school prom…

    Later skater
    Yours always
    RGP… xx

    P.s. i think i left my rhinestone glove and jellies at your place the other day before we went shopping for scrunchies…let me know.

  3. Ashley says:

    Wow! Those baked eggs look delicious, I”m so used to so many places doing baked eggs drowned in tomato sauce, so it’s kind of refreshing to be able to just see egg white! Will definetly have to pop by one of these days!

  4. Gem says:

    Yea, more nearby (to me) places. I’ve heard of Next Door Diner, but didn’t realise The Breakfast Club was what was next to it! Another place to add to my fattening wishlist.

    You should also check out Jackson Dodds and Pearl Oyster which are in the area too. I’d love to know what you think about those places, if you ever get to review them.

  5. Agnes says:

    That is the PERFECT name for a cafe! The names of the different menu items are funny too.

  6. Yum, nice post. There was also a Breakfast Club in London that I used to visit, this place will bring back some nice memories.

    Jetsetting Joyce

    • Emily says:

      Hannah: get into the baked egg thing – I love them. They are quite substantial and good for me as I can’t eat bread (unless, like the breakfast club, they stock GF bread!). Totally agreed on the Sixteen candles comment – I always found that unconscious factor rather disturbing!

      Ashley: yes they weren’t drowned in tomato which I agree was a good thing. Still very full of flavour as well!

      Gem: as I said in the post, definitely worth a visit! Thanks also for the tips on Jackson Dodds and Pearl Oyster. A good friend of mine moved into the area recently so I was planning on trying out some more places for breakfast. Will be putting those on my list and will let you know if I review them.

      Agnes: yep great name and sweet menu names too (love Rollin wit my homies for a roll!) it’s all part of their relaxed and friendly vibe..

      Jetsetting Joyce: would be interested to see how London compares to Northcote!

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