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I love the theatre of eating at a sushi train – all that gorgeous, perfectly presented food, parading in front of you. I also love the little thrill when something takes your fancy from afar and none of the other diners nab it before it reaches you. It’s like you get a little victory with your meal.

Sakura is located in Little Collins St,  it is a small, clean and modern space that is dominated by the aforementioned sushi train. I have eaten at Sakura plenty of times, I think the quality of the food is good and service is always friendly.  It’s great for a quick lunch, just perch on the stools and grab at some of the cute little morsels passing in front of you:


Plates are pretty good value – ‘standard’ plates are pink ($3.60), ‘special’ are black ($4.60) ‘premium’ are white ($5.90) and ‘delux’ are red ($6.80). In my experience you can have a pretty good lunch for between $15 and $20.

I went recently for a quick lunch with some friends from work, it was a hastily convened get together to celebrate S’s engagement (the first of many celebrations!).

In addition to the sushi train, Sakura also makes hot dishes to order, including kaarage, deep fried sushi, corokke and gyoza. They also offer a couple of bento boxes, udon sets and Japanese curries.

Departing from the usual sushi-train lunch, I opted for bento set A ($16):


Clockwise we have deep fried prawn, salmon and potato corokke, fruit and salad, teriyaki chicken, pickled vegetables and rice. It also includes miso soup and green tea.

Hot and fresh, the prawn had a light coating of crispy batter. The teriyaki was flavoursome. It was an enjoyable lunch.

As I said earlier, I have eaten here before and I will most certainly eat here again…


Sakura Kaiten Sushi
1/59 Little Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9663 0898

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4 Responses to “All aboard the sushi train – Sakura Kaiten Sushi”

  1. Hannah says:

    Must admit, I’m more of a bento-box/a la carte eater of Japanese myself. The Sushi Train is far too survival-of-the-fittest for my liking. I get too anxious about other people nicking what I want! 😛

    • Emily says:

      Ha! But its the survival of the fittest part that keeps it interesting! Almost an element of danger with the meal!!

  2. Interesting – I’ve walked past it but was put off by the sushi train concept. I always wonder how long things have been turning around the restaurant. I didn’t realise they had bento boxes, maybe that’s a better option for me.

    Jetsetting Joyce

    • Emily says:

      Yes they do the Bento boxes as well as a few other menu items to order. Much better if you are concerned about freshness, although from my visits they are usually pretty busy so I think the food turns over quite fast. I love bento boxes, which was a slight problem when I visited Japan. I ended up buying a set of 10 bento boxes to use when entertaining. Since that trip (4 years ago) we have hosted bento nights only twice – hard work to make all the food that goes into them!

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