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So after a rash of terrible macaron experiences, I have been lucky enough to finally unearth a few good macarons. Unfortunately, my luck has changed again…

In my macaron pursuits I have been told several times to try Laurent’s version. However, after reading Duncan’s review of Laurent’s macarons (dry, crumbling, misshapen and all with a marzipan filling), I wasn’t very keen. Well, eventually my greediness won out and I found myself at Laurent sizing up their macaron collection.

So here they are:

Sad looking aren’t they? With the cracked shell of the vanilla one and the ganache explosion with the chocolate one. The shells were dull in colour.

Times have changed since Duncan reviewed Laurent’s macarons and I was pleased to see that they are not all marzipan filled today. The vanilla one contained a buttercream filling and the chocolate one had the exploded ganache.

On to the taste test, these were dense, heavy, chewy things that you really need to work hard to bite through and eat. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

As an aside, I did give Laurent one extra opportunity and sampled another macaron (from another store) a couple of weeks later. It suffered the same issues as these two sad little guys.

All in all – if you visit Laurent get an escargot or something and buy your macarons elsewhere.


306 Little Collins St, Melbourne
Ph: (03) 9654 1011

Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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5 Responses to “Laurent’s macarons: not good”

  1. Oh I agree, their macarons are terrible. Mine was so dense and cold. The other disappointment at Laurent is their chocolate doughnuts. I’d heard such good things about them and actually went twice to try – to no avail, awful and expensive.

    Jetsetting Joyce

  2. No way! I recently moved to Melbourne with my girlfriend violet lebeaux and the laurent macarons are the first we had sampled here. I think you melbournians have been spoilt for choice because compared to the one place in Brisbane where you can get macarons, it tasted like little circles of heaven. I’m going to have to read the rest of your blog now to see where we can find tastier ones =) looking forward to it!

    • Emily says:

      Ha! Poor Brisbanites with only one macaron store!

      Macarons are very difficult to make (I admit my efforts have not been great) so there is a huge variance in the quality of macarons at different places.

      Unfortunately my Laurent ones were really pretty bad. But thankfully, there are loads of alternatives so have a read through the ‘taste test – macaron’ section of the blog to get some other ideas!

      Thanks for popping by!

  3. I think the hunt for a good macaron is now over. La Belle Miette in Hardware Lane (Melbourne) sells ONLY macarons and coffee in their little shop.

    In Paris last year, my sister did many samplings of Laduree and Pierre Herme macarons.

    We made the trek to Melbourne specifically to find La belle Miette last week, and after two macarons (each) with a cup of coffee, she had to admit they were equal to those she had in Paris.

    They were so good that we each brought home a lovely little box of six to share with our husbands. How fortunate for me that my husband is not that keen on ‘sweet stuff’.
    So we thoroughly recommend you try these for yourselves.

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