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I awoke on Good Friday excited at the prospect of a four day weekend then utterly terrified by the realisation that there was NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE. Well, nothing fresh and, after an uncharacteristic freezer clean out, nothing frozen either. All that was available was foods from my overstocked cupboard, heaving with canned tomatoes, chickpeas, beans, lentils, pasta, rice, baking goods and every kind of condiment imaginable. This is all well and good, but it isn’t breakfast.

Lack of food makes me panicky but thankfully in my panic, I remembered that Three Bags Full is around the corner and after a recent reconnaissance mission, that it has gluten free bread to boot. A panicked call to Three Bags Full (TBF) yielded the positive response that they were in fact open on Good Friday and after a mad rush out of the house (don’t want to get there too late and the place to be packed), we were shortly thereafter ensconced in the oddly not-very-full space. Last time we visited, TBF was heaving, with a line of hipsters (yes I will say it) snaking outside and around the corner. I suspect that it was quiet because it was barely 9am on a public holiday. By the time we left it was completely full.

The warehouse space is filled with quirky features – upside down cup and saucer light fittings, street sign bar stools and vintage scales. The mix of hanging light fittings and the built wooden wall gives the place warmth.


On to the menu,  the usual suspects abound – muesli, bircher, several types of eggs, hotcakes and baked beans. Looking back on the menu now, there looks to be a good selection of options available, although at the time I was a bit underwhelmed. I ended up choosing the TBF Scramble with a side of bacon ($18), served with gluten free toast:


It was fine. The scrambled eggs were a bit more cooked than my preference, the feta added saltiness rather than creaminess and the bacon was nothing special. I felt a little disappointed, particularly as Mr M makes a killer scrambled eggs at home.

Mr M went for the vegie breakfast ($16):


He liked that the poached eggs were perfectly cooked and there was a generous amount of avocado, but he wasn’t a massive fan of the rest of the dish. The mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach were a bit bland.

Service was friendly and efficient. Despite the fact that it was becoming quite busy as we finished, we weren’t pressured to leave our table. Coffee was excellent.

So all in all, it was a little so-so. TBF has lots of great elements (fit out, coffee, service and atmosphere) but our food just wasn’t that great.  After a wonderful breakfast at Mixed Business, I can’t see myself visiting TBF for breakfast again, but I’ll definitely stop by for a coffee.


Three Bags Full
Corner Nicholson & Mollison streets, Abbotsford
Ph: (03) 9421 2732

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4 Responses to “Three bags full – or actually, maybe only two bags full”

  1. Try TBF again, but maybe try some other dishes for breakfast next time (although gluten free may be difficult). I think their eggs are probably one of the more boring dishes they have available.

    Jetsetting Joyce

  2. Caz says:

    I confess, I went to Mixed Business again… and ordered the porridge again… and still cannot wait to go – again!

  3. Christy says:

    I agree Em – I was seriously underwhelmed when we last visited TBF as well, especially re the food and the service. A hot fitout will only get you so far when there are so many other, better options around!

  4. Emily says:

    Joyce: will see how we go. I think I will leave it for a bit and maybe pop by another time and try the bircher or muesli. But not feeling very inspired given what we had was a bit ‘meh’.

    Caz: glad you are still on the Mixed Business train – sounds like you are becoming quite the regular!

    Christy: interesting. Service was good for us, but as above, food wasn’t bad but wasn’t all that good. And I agree, there are so many great places, it’s hard to go back somewhere you are so-so about…

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