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Pretty packed on a Saturday morning

This weekend Mr M and I wandered up to Mixed Business for breakfast. It’s been on my to-do list for a while, particularly after reading positive reviews from Eating Melbourne, Fitzroyalty and Breakfast Out. It’s also the name of a favourite song of mine from Beck (oh yeah!)

We arrived to find it full and were told we could either wait for a table or join the end of one of the somewhat communal tables out the front. We decided to make some new friends, so perched on the end of a table full of lycra clad cyclists.

Looking through the printed menu (which is an exact replica of the chalkboard menu inside), I was very excited to see gluten-free bread on the menu. Yes, I know it doesn’t taste good, but for those who are gf or wheat-free, this factor instantly triples the number of breakfast options available. Consequently, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t decide whether to have one of the sets of poached eggs, or something else entirely. In the end, I went for the porridge with cinnamon poached pears, cranberries, yoghurt and sunflower seeds:

This was really really delicious. The poached pears were burnished caramel and had a strong hit of cinnamon. The yoghurt underneath the pears added a richness to the dish, the sunflower seeds gave a nutty flavour and a textural element. Hidden underneath were little sweet bursts of cranberry. So so good.

Mr M chose the poached eggs with franks and beans:

He was very pleased with the quality of the poached eggs – wonderfully fresh eggs, perfectly cooked with a nice runny yolk. While on reflection he thought the dish was a little ‘carby’, the white beans and pork sausage worked really well together.

All in all, a great breakfast. Service was friendly and efficient, despite the fact that the place was so busy. I asked for ‘a lot’ of milk to go with my porridge (it is a pet peeve to be given too little and have to flag someone down again to try to get more), and I duly received a pretty big jug of milk alongside my dish. Coffee was excellent too. The crowd grew while we were eating and by the time we left there was quite a large number of people milling outside, waiting for a table. My tip would be to try to come early or at an odd time, to try to avoid the wait, although the wait would definitely be worth it!


Mixed Business
486 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North  (Note: it is routinely referred to as being in Clifton Hill, though technically it is in Fitzroy North)
03 9486 1606

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2 Responses to “Mixed Business: a great breakfast”

  1. Caz says:

    Just visited Mixed Business this morning on your recommendation and… YUM! I had the same porridge which will probably fill me up until dinner… Loved the added sunflower seeds, however I did feel it was a little light on the cranberries. My mum tried the marinated mushrooms on sour dough bread with goats cheese and rocket, and loved it… plenty of mushrooms and a thick lathering of goats cheese! Will definately go again, possibly for lunch to try one of their hot rolls – the honey roasted sweet potato with chickpeas one sounds delicious!

    • itpleasesus says:

      Wonderful – glad you liked it! I went somewhere else for breakfast this morning (will be blogged about later) and it was fine but I wished I had gone to Mixed Business instead – so good!!


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