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Mr M and I stopped by at local favourite the Old Raffles Place one night after work for a quick meal.

I really enjoy the grandeur of the menu at Old Raffles, it is divided into amusingly named sections, so you can order from “the vegetable farm”, “the butcher shop”, “exotic curries” or “encore noodles”, dishes from the “rice merchant” and my favourite, “a Singapore National Treasure”. The aforementioned National Treasure is the Hainanese Chicken Rice, which has been raved about here and here and which I didn’t order because the serve is massive.

We decided to select some dishes usefully identified as “Old Raffles Favourites”, although we did consider choosing from the couple of dishes identified as “Chef’s selection”.

On to the food, first up we had the crunchy calamari ($9.80):

Yes I thought it looked like overcooked chips. This dish was a bit average (even though it is an “Old Raffles Favourite”!) with the calamari being a little bland, a little overcooked and not overly hot. We saw that the table next to us had ordered a special of salt and pepper calamari that looked a lot better… we will be trying that next time.

On to the mains, first was the Cantonese fried hor fun with chicken ($15):

I thought it looked a little freaky with its egg laced sauce, but the dish had great contrasts with crunchy veggies, moist chicken and loads of thick-cut, slippery, fresh rice noodles.

Lastly, we had the “famous rendezvous beef rendang” ($18):

This was really good. The meat was incredibly moist and tender and fell apart as you ate it. Yes the sauce was rich and a shade oily but it wouldn’t dissuade me from eating this again. So delicious.

I was tempted to try the pulut hitam – black glutinous rice with pandan palm sugar and coconut milk (only $3.50, bargain!) but I was way too full. Oh well, there is always next time!


The Old Raffles Place
68-70 Johnston St
Collingwood (across from the Tote)
Ph: (03) 9419 3092

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3 Responses to “The Old Raffles Place: an old favourite”

  1. I recommend the char kway teo – personally I think the hor fun looks a bit gross 🙂

    Will try out the rendang and pulut hitam next time I go, they sound great.

    Jetsetting Joyce

    • Emily says:

      Damn I was going to order the char kway teow – must have it next time.

      Agreed I thought the hor fun looked weird too but it tasted quite good.

  2. luke says:

    Seems beauty truly is skin deep.. That is some seeiously ugly looking food: old chips, vom and crap.

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