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I really like The European. The food is always enjoyable and while it isn’t pushing too many barriers, I think its a great venue as it is dark, brooding and comfortable. I think it is equally a great place for a romantic dinner for two or a table load of friends. The European is also great for breakfast.

Together with my friends B & Z I have been road testing a few places for breakfast in the city. I have had breakfast at The European plenty of times (pre-blog) and it’s always a positive experience. Something that really struck me this time though is the significant number of wheat and gluten-free items on the menu. Recent breakfast experiences (such as here and here) have left me with few options as a non-wheat eater. However, The European changed all that, offering seasonal fruit with yoghurt, bircher muesli, toasted muesli, cinnamon porridge, goats cheese omelet, Turkish eggs, baked eggs, fritatta with potato and trout, Boudin Blanc with apples & mustard and a breakfast crumble. Understandably, I was pleased to have so much to choose from.

Slightly boringly, I chose the cinnamon porridge with sultanas and almonds ($10.50):

This was a perfect start to the day on an oddly chilly Summer morning. Delicious caramelised brown sugar, sweet juicy sultanas and crunchy almonds. Yum.

Z chose a special of breakfast crumble with poached peaches and pears:

She was pleased with her dish.

B chose the tomato tartlet with Reggiano parmesan ($16):

This was something special with the mix of roquette, mint and parsley atop a crumbly tomato tart with shaved parmesan on top. Yum.

All in all, a great breakfast experience, with excellent coffee to boot. I should mention that we went on a Friday morning at 7.30am and were lucky to get a table for breakfast. I think most other mornings mid-week are generally fine but Fridays are unusually busy – I actually vaguely remembered that The European is busy of a Friday morning and thought about booking but dismissed the control freak inside me. I won’t do that again.


The European
61 Spring Street,
Ph: (03) 96540811

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4 Responses to “The European: damn good breakfast.”

  1. Hannah says:

    Porridge is never, ever boring. I can, and often do, happily eat it at any time of the day – though usually with a big melting spoonful of nut butter on top 😛 I’ve never eaten it at a restaurant though… must rectify that!

    • Emily says:

      Yes I love porridge, so comforting and warming. I love adding dried fruits to it, or some poached fruit on top. You should try it at a restaurant – I had some recently with caramelised walnuts on top. YUM!

  2. Brooke says:

    The tomato tartlet was seriously delicious! I am trying to work out when I can go back for another very soon!

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