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Breadwell is one of a multitude of coffee shops situated right near my workplace.  A differentiator is its great selection of teas (including a pretty great chai if you are that way inclined). I recently noticed a new inclusion in the cakes cabinet – teeny tiny little macarons. Obviously they were calling for me to try them.

The other day I had a quick lunch with my mum, she had olive tapenade and bread ($6) and some meatballs ($7):

I’ve had the meatballs before and they are fine, although a touch sweet which I don’t love. The tapenade was really good though, not too salty, quite chunky, with some freshness from parsley. Yum.

I had the dahl with raita ($14):

It also comes with chapatis, but I had gluten-free bread instead. I enjoyed this – thick and rich and full of flavour.

As I was leaving the macarons beckoned. Given they are a recent addition to Breadwell, I asked about who made them. Apparently they have a French girl who supplies them – very promising! EDIT: the ‘French girl’ is Josephine, of Macarons by Josephine. These macarons are now stocked at a number of retailers, including EARL Canteen.

I selected a rosewater and a pistachio ($3 each):

So… they were really really good. The shell had a thin layer that was crunchy, with a soft, light inner. The filling was moist and rich. The macarons also had good flavour – the rosewater was quite strong, the pistachio a little more subtle. The shells were bright (my iPhone pics don’t do them justice) with the requisite ‘foot’ of a good macaron.

All in all, lunch was fine but the macarons were very special… and right behind my building. Oh my…

EDIT: I had a stressful morning at work and just consoled myself with a macaron… this could become a problem.


135 Flinders Ln
Melbourne, 3000
(03) 9650 8544

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4 Responses to “Breadwell: (another!) great macaron”

  1. That’s interesting – I recently went to Breadwell with a friend and ate pretty much exactly the same two dishes – and it was a definite NOT.

    Most of their sweets come from Il Dolcetti but it sounds like the macaron is from somewhere else as they are Sicilian bakers, not French.

    Jetsetting Joyce

    • Emily says:

      Yes I have eaten there for lunch before and to me its fine but not amazing. I think this time the food was better (and I did like the tapenade). Interesting about their sweets, I would very much like to know who this mystery Frenchwoman is!

  2. Josephine says:

    I am the mystery French woman who supplies Breadwell for their macarons.
    If you are interested about where to find them I have a website : http://www.macaronsbyjosephine.com.au

    Thank you for your posts it is very encouraging, hope to hear from you soon.

    • Emily says:

      Wonderful! As I said in the post, love, love, love your macarons!

      I haven’t seen them in Breadwell recently but I see from your site that you also stock Gertrude St Enoteca, will be stopping by very soon!!

      Thanks for getting in touch and good job making such a great product!

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