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Heirloom tomato salad

And the mezze feast continues…

Though the food we served and ate at our mezze party was tasty, the menu was crying out for a fresh salad to cut through all the cooked food.

I scanned the many Middle Eastern-esque cookbooks lying around the house for inspiration…

Too many books...

And I found, amongst the Maloufian books, a recipe for tomato salad. I noted that this dish appears on the menu at MoMo when I was perusing a few blogs. If it’s good enough for MoMo, it’s good enough for us.

Our version was a lot less complicated than the one in the Malouf book.

I simply sliced up a whole lot of heirloom tomatoes that we bought from the grocer. The only variety that I can remember is the Black Russian. I also sliced up some shallots, very thinly. I layered these in the bowl and sprinkled sumac and salt in between the layers, ensuring that all the tomatoes were ‘spiced’. I then drizzled some olive oil, and sprinkled some cretan savoury from the garden, over the whole lot. This was topped with some fresh fetta cheese.

Simple, but good.

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