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I spent a fair chunk of my childhood in the little coastal town of Wye River, on the Great Ocean Road about 30 minutes past Lorne. Back in the day it was a sleepy hollow, with a run-down little store, the Rookery Nook hotel (replete with sticky carpet and arcade games) and the pinball parlour (which was really just a shed on the grounds of the Caravan Park). We spent our school holidays watching videos, playing video games, bodyboarding, going rockpool rambling, eating chip sandwiches and later on, heading out to the bonfires on the beach.

Wye River has changed somewhat since those days, for one it is a lot busier, the pub has been renovated (it now has a cracking balcony overlooking the beach) and the Wye River General Store has had a serious makeover and become gourmet. Attached to the general store is a new cafe which replaces the terribly named ‘fat cow cafe’ that existed during my childhood and was always empty.

The cafe has a range of pre-prepared sandwiches and salads as well as main meals which cover the ground from standard fare (chicken parma, fish & chips, burgers) to fancy salads and casseroles. They also have a range of cakes, biscuits and slices, including my beloved macarons. On the day I visited only one flavour was available – chocolate:

This was a neat, uniformly shaped macaron although the top of the shell was a little lumpy and dull. Biting in, the macaron had the lightness I am after but was really dry. It contained a chocolate ganache but could have done with more. A bit of a disappointment.

Nonetheless, I am sure I will visit the General Store again, not for the macarons but to revisit a little bit of my childhood.


Wye River General Store & Cafe
35 Great Ocean Road
Wye River, VIC
(03) 5289 0247

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One Response to “Wye River General Store’s macaron”

  1. luke says:

    The Riv – awesome!!! But what do you mean the “the pinball parlour was just a shed”??? That pinballl parlour had it all: Hyper Olympics, the cool crowd, ciggies, & also a bit of romance if your lucky (think Sarah & Claire snogging the Robinson brothers!!) Next time you should do a review of the hamburgers at the general store next door – superb from my memory!

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