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I recently caught up with friends B & Z for a pre-work breakfast at the brand new MoVida Terraza. After reading Melbourne Gastronome’s gushing review, I was very keen to try it for myself.

As per its name, the restaurant is on a terrace, situated at the back of an office block:

Looking through the menu, there were lots of delicious breakfast options. Unfortunately for me, there seemed to be a real emphasis on wheaty/bready things with bocadillos, tortillas, torjillas (French toast) and cous cous. Wheat free (or potentially wheat free) meals were pretty thin on the ground – fruit and yoghurt, bircher muesli or huevos revueltos.

I opted for the huevos revueltos – scrambled eggs with Cumberland sausage (minus the toast):

Huevos revueltos

It arrived with toast, but I just ignored it.

The scrambled eggs were nicely done – good colour and cooked just the way I like them (not overcooked, not too runny). I think these scrambled eggs were probably laced with cream. The sausage was moist and porky with fennel through it. It was a pretty great breakfast but very rich, I think it probably needed some carbohydrate to soak up some of the richness.

B & Z both ordered the same thing – a cous cous porridge-type thing:

Honeyed cous cous - yum!

When this arrived I was supremely jealous of them and their ability to eat wheat. The cous-cous was sweet, milky and studded with dates, raisins and almonds and topped with an apple compote. They both really enjoyed it.

Overall, it was a great breakfast although I probably would avoid having an atkins-style scrambled egg and sausage fest if I go again. This is definitely recommended, particularly for the wheat-eaters of the world who will have lots of interesting breakfast options.


MoVida Terraza
Level 1, 500 Bourke St (access via Lt Bourke St), Melbourne
(03) 9663 3038

MoVida Aqui and Terraza on Urbanspoon

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One Response to “Breakfast at MoVida Terraza”

  1. Luckily I am a wheat eater and not much of an egg fan – so Movida Terraza sounds like the breakfast place for me!

    Jetsetting Joyce

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