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I recently read about Baker D Chirico’s pop up store and very excitedly headed there for a macaron hit. The macarons at Baker D Chirico had been recommended to me, but unfortunately, being the insular Northsider that I am, I rarely make it over to St Kilda.
Baker D Chirico’s pop up store is right near my work and absolutely gorgeous to boot:

So much deliciousness..

I am told that the bakery is considering opening a permanent city store (either in Crossley St or otherwise) provided enough sales go through during the Christmas period – so get buying people! The store closes on Christmas Eve so you have today left!!
I had a lovely chat to a fellow Emily who was manning the store about Baker D Chirico’s plans and the fascination people have with the salted caramel macarons (they keep selling out!). I had such an enthusiastic chat to her that I managed to leave the store with my three macarons without paying. Whoops! I visited the following day and rectified my mistake.
Anyway on to the macarons – I selected three:

Pistachio, lemon and coffee macarons

They looked pretty good – all with good ‘feet’, although the lemon one was spread a bit.

Biting in, all three had great flavour but I hate to say it, all three also had air pockets:


Coffee - yum!

I was very disappointed with this as I was desperately keen for my macaron search to be over. Nonetheless, on the plus side the macarons ticked a lot of other boxes – not too sweet, pronounced flavour (unlike the Cristina Re macarons which I will post about later) and with a good amount of filling that was soft and delicious.

I think I will go back to Baker D Chirico to give them another chance but unfortunately, these are not top of the macaron pile. I still haven’t managed to snaffle a salted caramel macaron either!


Baker D Chirico Pop Up store,
24 Crossley St, Melbourne
Ph: (03) 9639 1624

Baker D. Chirico on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to “Baker D Chirico’s macaron”

  1. Hi Emily

    Glad you managed to make it to Baker D Chirico store after reading my review – it’s pretty gorgeous and I hope they come back again! Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good experience with the macarons – but I’m happy to report that the mince pies and pannetone which I carted to Queensland were given a big thumbs up from the Jetsetting Parents (who are just as into food as I am).

    Jetsetting Joyce

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey!! I was looking around for good macarons in melbourne. Have you managed to find any yet? PM me! =) I’m still hunting!! I tried a few…so far..nothing tasted really good yet =P

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