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More macarons!

I arrived at work the other day to find a little surprise from my workmate S. An avid reader of the blog, she spied some macarons at Chimmys and brought them in for me.

I have previously tried Chimmy’s macarons and was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, these two weren’t as good. As you can see from the picture above, the shells were a bit lumpy and uneven with visible piping marks in places. Macaron expert Duncan notes that visible piping means that “the batter was too thick or otherwise flawed”.

S had selected me a raspberry macaron:

Raspberry macaron

The raspberry macaron was the better macaron of the two. The macaron itself had good flavour and was not too sweet. The filling was nice too, soft with chunks of raspberry. Unfortunately, the shell was a bit dry and crunchy, although it still had a good chewy texture underneath.

On to the strawberry macaron:

Strawberry macaron

Compared to the raspberry, the flavour of the shell was more delicate and a bit sweeter and the flavour of the filling was not as pronounced. The texture of this macaron wasn’t that great – the shell was too crisp and there was an air pocket inside.

Overall, not too bad but not great. On the macaron scale I would put this in about third place – better than Cafe Vue and Shocolate, but nowhere near Liaison or even Lindt.
Chimmy’s Bread & Pastries
342 Bridge Rd
Richmond, VIC
Ph: (03) 9427 1391
Macarons about $2.50 (thanks S!)

Chimmys on Urbanspoon

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