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Cafe Vue at Heide.

On Tuesday, it was frequented by the “glitterati” (which I am always dubious about in Melbourne – are we talking a couple of footballers and a weather girl?) by Saturday morning there were more staff than patrons and about half the patrons were under 5. Welcome to Cafe Vue at Heide!

I was keen to try the new outpost in Shannon Bennett’s conglomerate. Upon arriving I was amused that the design of the restaurant seemingly unwittingly referenced the current exhibition at Heide – cubism.

Cafe Vue at Heide - aptly boxy

The space is quite austere, with industrial type lighting and stone flooring. The key design features were towers of terracotta pots filled with parsley.

The spiel on the Heide website noted that the Cafe will offer meals “utilising produce from Sunday Reed’s original vegetable garden”, with this in mind I was a little disappointed to see that the menu was identical to that served at Cafe Vue at 401. Hmmm.

In any event, I was comforted somewhat by an excellent coffee (illy – as with all the Vue restaurants) and set about perusing the menu. I felt like having the porridge, but thought that this was a little boring for the blog-readers(!) and instead ordered the Spanish eggs en cocotte with tomato fondue & capsicum purée:

Spanish eggs en cocotte with tomato fondue & capsicum purée

I was pleased to see that the dish included some non-advertised bacon (always a plus in my book!). The capsicum and tomato was flavoursome, quite sweet and jammy. Unfortunately, the eggs were cooked right through, which is not my preference. It was an enjoyable dish, although it certainly would not give the baked eggs at Min Lokal or Birdman Eating a run for their money.

My dining partner (I’ll call her ‘mum’) ordered the corn fritter with avocado & tomato:

Corn fritter with avocado & tomato

It was beautifully presented (as my dish was) and included several corn fritters. The fritters were pretty tasty although pretty tiny. While it is refreshing not to be served an inordinately large breakfast, I would certainly advise ordering several dishes if you are feeling hungry. It is also worth noting that neither dish came with toast (which is fine for me, the non wheat eater).

We put our excess hunger to better use by ordering some sweet things to round off breakfast. Mum ordered a gorgeous raspberry tart:

Raspberry tart

A beautiful little specimen, the tart showed off some perfectly ripe raspberries, offset by a rich cream patisserie.

I considered the dessert case before deciding to give the Cafe Vue macarons another go. The Cafe had an artful display of macarons – including coconut, passionfruit, pistachio, lilac, raspberry, chocolate and peach. I selected a lilac and pistachio:

More macarons

As you can see, there was a fair size difference between the two macarons, and the lilac suffered the same problem as my previous Vue macarons – no discernable filling. The macarons were also quite dull in colour.

The lilac macaron had a good flavour (interesting, not too sweet) but was a bit too dry and crunchy. It contained a chocolate ganache filling that overwhelmed the subtlety of the lilac.

The pistachio macaron was better – flavoursome, softer texture, a discernable “foot”.  The buttercream filling tasted strongly of marzipan.

Overall, it was a good breakfast, perhaps not great. There were some teething problems with the service (slow, orders forgotten, overlapping staff) but these will undoubtedly be ironed out once the Cafe has the chance to settle into things. I don’t really think I would go back for breakfast, given the oversupply of fabulous breakfast haunts right near my door. I might be convinced, however, to try the set menu “Heide Garden Menu Du Jour” (two courses for $35, three courses for $45) or pick up one of their picnic hampers and settle in for an alfresco lunch in the gardens.


Cafe Vue at Heide
7 Templestowe Road
Bulleen Victoria 3105 Australia
Ph: (03) 9852 2346.

Open daily for breakfast and lunch (closed Mondays), and Thursday to Saturday for dinner. Reservations are available for the Menu Du Jour only.

Breakfast is good value – most items from $4-$10. Macarons are $2.50

Café Vue at Heide on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to “Cafe Vue at Heide.”

  1. Sophie says:

    I know the Vues and Birdman quite well – and I thought you gave a very honest and clean review in the few comments on the overall appeals of both! Yes one can not go past the egg selections at Birdmans, nor the fritters at Vue.

    I’m glad to see the art of the Melbourne breakfast dissected with such precision and seriousness, what a delightful little town we have! And I’m so pleased you are aware of the color consistency, ganache texture, foot sizing and shape of macarons – it’s sad to see nuff nuffs gobble them up without inspection! Bravo on your bite sized reviews fellow foodie!

    My macaron bet in town is surprisingly the new Lindttttt store on Collins. Muscular little things but quite perfect really – as close to a Laduree or Pierre Herme as you get in Oz.

    My second egg fav in the Birdman area for eggs is the New York Tomato, on New St and York St in Richmond. Fab eggs, a grunge kitch run out the back of an old hippie garage with retro furniture and a nice weekend buzz.

    Bircher best is The Botanical plus they do seasonal poached fruit on top, but it’s a steep $16 when you consider Vue 401 does a great bircher for $6.50.

    Yay Sunday breakfast in a few hours! Keep on writing

    • Emily says:

      Hi Sophie
      Thanks for your comment – glad you are enjoying the blog! On the breakfast front, New York tomato is an old favourite of mine as well and I have also enjoyed the bircher at the Botanical (although I don’t really get over that way all that often). They do a nice bircher at the European and also at Proud Mary’s in Collinwood as well. On to macarons – yes the Lindt ones are definitely up there (although one of them I had was really dry and a bit awful). I have been told to try Cacao in St Kilda and Baker D Chirico for macarons so I will see how they compare. Thanks for stopping by!

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