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Lindt’s champagne macaron and strawberry macaron
So on the macaron trail I found myself at Lindt’s (relatively) new chocolate cafe in Collins Street. I side-stepped the display case filled with chocolatey goodness, headed up a couple of stairs and found myself in front of the macaron (or as they call them “delice”) counter.
Lindt had a pretty good range of macarons on offer – including blackcurrent, vanilla, coconut, dark chocolate (70%), milk chocolate, hazelnut, passionfruit (with a passionfruit and chocolate filling), champagne, strawberry, peach, pistacchio and rose (with a ginger and rose filling). The macaron’s looked fairly good, much more attractive than Liaison’s macaron (although that macaron was delicious!).
I settled on a champagne and a strawberry macaron.
The strawberry macaron had white chocolate  and strawberry ganache and was topped with crystallised lilacs. Having a close look at it once I got it home, I noticed that from the side view the macaron was almost all “foot”.

Before and after - smushed!

Biting through the  macaron it smushed almost completely. The flavour was not bad (a bit too sweet) and the crunch from the crystallised lilacs was interesting but didn’t add much flavour-wise, probably just more sweetness. All in all, an okay macaron experience.

I moved on to the champagne macaron with white chocolate and champagne ganache. It looked pretty good. However, biting in to it I was very dissapointed that it had a powdery, overly crisp shell which concealed a giant air pocket in the top layer.


Before and after - disaster!

This macaron was crunchy and dry and definitely too sweet; I didn’t even want to finish it. I was also not a fan of the champagne ganache – in my view the addition of the champagne gave an almost sour end note to the filling. I will note, however, that my friend and fellow taste tester Ms S really liked the filling, so maybe it was just me.

All in all, a pretty disappointing experience. I won’t be going back.


Lindt chocolate cafe
271 Collins St, Melbourne
ph: (03) 9667 0900

Lindt delice’s are $2 each takeaway.

Lindt Chocolat Café on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to “Lindt’s macarons (or as they call them, delices)”

  1. Mary B says:

    Em and Sas

    Ever since I got back from France and London I have been searching for the perfect macaroon and I know Em was disappointed with Lindt they seem to have the best macaroons. My absolute favourite is the pistachio macaroon, it has to be large, very pale and have just the right amount of filling. I have sourced a recipe from Nigella but have not made them yet, I’ll let you know the results when I finally get round to make them


  2. claudia lo says:

    You should really try the Pistachio and Hazelnut in Lindt, they’re the best macaron i’ve ever tasted! 🙂

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