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Happy Birthday to me.

Today is a very special day: my birthday!

Last night we had a beautiful and relaxed Sunday night dinner at our all time favourite haunt, Cutler & Co. No review today but I will give you a rundown of my practically perfect meal for your gastronomical imagination. I have non-blog related work to do today so this will be unembellished, please bear with me!

I had two just shucked oysters to start: a kumamoto and a rusty nail. I also had an anchovy pastry (I have weird, salty leaning tastes. Anchovies are high up there on my list of favourite flavours. Emily has a subtler, more refined, palette and so she avoided both the oysters and anchovy!)

For entrée I had ‘cured kingfish, pickled cucumber, calamari cubes and horseradish snow’. For main, I had ‘John Dory with grilled red claw yabby, nettle butter, a chunk of seared (?) fennel and crab bisque’. Our collective sides were the ‘steamed Dutch cream potatoes with parsley butter’, ‘assorted shredded leaves (I think they were fennel or something similar again) with red wine vinaigrette and shallots’ and ‘asparagus with toasted almonds’. For dessert, I had the famed ‘violet ice cream with chocolate ganache and sour cherry something’. It had a candle stuck in it! (I always think that the ‘modern’ way of plating, with it’s smears and what-have-you, is very Kandinsky-esque. The violet ice cream dessert is a prime example and I say this sans judgement!)

I ‘borrowed’ some snapper from Emily’s plate, and that was a highlight. We also had some tasters in between courses. In between main and dessert, we were given some parsnip cake* with lemon curd and granny smith sorbet. After dessert we were given some sauternes marshmallow with a ‘droplet’ of carrot on top.

I got some excellent food related presents. My grandma gave me a little blowtorch and gas canister to caramelise the tops of crème de catalan (which I made for her recently but finished them off under the grill). My ‘rents gave me an introductory wine tasting course at the Prince Wine Store. So excited – although I’m very partial to wine my knowledge of it is sketchy at best! Stay tuned for blogging updates when I put these presents to use…

*I’m quite willing to say it was good! Even if I risk the condemnation of Don Burke.

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