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So today Saskia and I began the long, sometimes stressful journey to convert the cheesecakes from yesterday into cheesecake pops. We largely followed the instructions from the daring kitchen’s cheesecake pop challenge but we also referred to Bakerella’s cheesecake pop recipe.

To refresh, here is our first cheesecake:


Our lovely cracked cheesecake

A note on the cheesecake, we did not use the baked edges of the cheescake in forming our balls. As mentioned in the previous post, I made two cheesecakes yesterday – the cracked one above and one in a waterbath. The cheesecake that was baked in the water bath had less baked edges – making for easier rolling.

At Bakerella’s suggestion, we decided to roll the balls in crumbled biscuits to more easily form them. Behold, gluten-free ginger nut biscuits:


A quick tip, we found the mixture easier to work with when it was very cold, so perhaps divide your cheescake in half and leave one half in the fridge.

We formed the cheesecake into balls (each weighing about 60g), rolled them in the biscuit mixture and inserted the lollypop sticks, before placing them in the freezer to chill.


Due to freezer space restrictions (and following Bakerella’s instructions) we made a batch where we did not insert the lollypop sticks before chilling:


These remind me of arancini...

While waiting for the balls to chill we cleaned up the mess (there was a lot!) and assembled our bits and pieces for decorating:


Note we ended up using a LOT more decorations than this...

After the balls had been in the freezer about 2 hours, we pulled them out and made the chocolate dipping sauce:


We poured the sauce into a steep sided container and, following the instructions of both recipes, quickly dipped the balls in the chocolate and rolled them in the decorations. This ended in early disaster:


A sadly malformed pop

We found that a better technique was to submerge the balls in the chocolate, swirl the pop to get rid of dripping chocolate and then (before the chocolate hardens completely) sprinkle the topping onto the pop. We then held the pop aloft until the top had completely hardened, so that it doesn’t get an ugly ‘hat’. Here is the technique:


Dip and swirl...


Sprinkle (don't roll!)


Hold aloft.

For the arancini-esque pops, we dipped the stick into the hot chocolate, inserted it into the ball and then dipped the ball. We don’t recommend this technique as sometimes it was spectacularly unsuccessful:


Disaster! Cheesecake ball has fallen in to the chocolate...

The verdict

So several hours later (about 5) we had made approximately 40 pops for our hungry racegoers. On the taste test they were pretty delicious (although sweet) and they definitely looked cute. But would we make them again?  No way!


Success and failure


1 well chilled cheesecake (our cheesecake recipe is here)

approx. 300g crushed biscuit (we used ginger biscuits)

approx. 25 lollypop sticks

450g chocolate chips

2 tbs vegetable shortening (yes, that freaky stuff)

decorations (you will need a lot of these)

  • spoon out about 60g of cheesecake and form into balls (note we did not use the hardened top of the cheesecake).
  • roll balls in crushed biscuit.
  • place balls on tray lined with baking paper, insert lollypop stick and freeze, uncovered, for 1-2 hours.
  • melt chocolate and shortening over a double boiler, stir until smooth.
  • pour chocolate sauce into a steep sided container.
  • dip the balls, allow them to drip before sprinkling with decorations (DO NOT roll them in the decorations and don’t wait too long otherwise the chocolate will harden and the decorations will not stick), hold ball aloft until the top part has hardened.
  • chill until ready to eat.
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3 Responses to “Cheesecake pop part 2: cheesecake goes pop”

  1. Michael says:

    that looks great! Got to try it!
    check out my food blog and tell me what you think:


  2. Agnes says:

    They look fantastic – it does sound like a hassle to make though! How did you form the cheesecake into balls – did you use an ice cream scoop?

    • Emily says:

      Hi Agnes

      Thanks for checking out our blog! The other recipes that we looked at recommended using an icecream scoop, but we didn’t have one so we used a round measuring spoon. The spoon didn’t really help us get rounded balls. We scooped the cheesecake out, then weighed it (aiming for about 60g, although I think smaller than this would be better), then we rolled it into balls with our hands. Lastly, we rolled it in the biscuit mixture then formed it a little more in our hands. Very labour intensive!

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