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Liaison’s macaron


Liaison's macaron: not the best looking but still delicious

It’s not all about macarons…

Although, realistically there will be a lot of macaron-talk on this blog because frankly I am obsessed. Due to my wheat allergy, previous food popularity waves have passed me by (I couldn’t indulge in churros or cupcakes), but now the macaron is on the scene and it is gloriously wheat-free.

As mentioned by Saskia, our own macaron efforts left a lot to be desired (despite their delicious fillings).  Until we attempt to scale the macaron making summit again I am content to try to sample some of the Melburnian macarons on offer.

Syrup and Tang had a review a while back of Melbourne macarons and the results were not glowing. While I do not profess to have anywhere near Duncan’s macaron expertise, I know what I like and am now on a mission to find a decent macaron in Melbourne, until I have mastered the art of making them myself.

So in my internet travels for further macaron making tips and tricks I came across an entry from Melbourne Gastronome where Claire had found a new coffee haunt replete with quality macaron – Liaison. Given that this urban outpost is a mere 5 minutes from my office I had to severely restrain myself from heading there immediately.

I ended up visiting on my way to work this morning. Unfortunately due to my public photo taking paranoia I don’t have any lovely pictures of Liaison, although I do have some pictures of the star attraction, the macaron. When I arrived at approximately 9am there was a lone macaron left with my name on it.


The last macaron - I am not sure if I bought it broken or if I inadvertently broke it

Having a close look at the macaron I was a bit dissapointed at its ugliness, with the ‘feet’ poking out, a slightly lumpy shell and some colour and size differences between the top and bottom shell.

I bit into it..



It was good! The filling was a soft strawberry ganache, the shell crisp (but not too crisp) with a pleasingly oozy middle.  I particularly enjoyed the filling as other recent macaron experiences (I am talking to you Lindt) were marred by dissapointingly dry fillings.

So the upshot is that despite its ugliness and given the dearth of good macaron in Melbourne I will probably be back. Extra points are awarded for the fact that Liaison is cute as a button, on the way to work and serves good coffee (although unfortunately not good enough to knock Newtown SC from its number 1 coffee perch).

EDIT: Note that Liaison now has a different macaron purveyor – By Duncan (from Duncan at Syrup and Tang, as mentioned above). You can read about my love of Duncan’s macarons here (when they were sold at EARL – note, EARL now sells Macarons by Josephine) and some discussion of Duncan’s macarons at Liaison in my macaron round up.


Macaron + coffee was $6.50

Monaco House, 22 Ridgway Place, Melbourne
9663 3225

Liaison Cafe on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to “Liaison’s macaron”

  1. Corry says:

    Hi Emily and Saskia,
    The best macarons I have found so far in Melbourne are from Cocao on Fitzroy St, St Kilda. They are just like Herme’s in Paris.
    Best thing is they are only $2.00 each. The Lindt shop at Chadstone Shopping centre Come second – rather nice

    C from Melbourne

  2. Sue says:

    I, too, love macarons. I was on a macs hunt around Melbourne. So far, the best ones I had are from La Tropezienne in Hawthorne. Cacao is not so bad but I found them too dry to my liking and I’m not a fan of mazipan filling.

    I also been trying to perfect making macarons myself. I’m having a macaron nite weekly when I make a batch of macarons with a different flavours each time. So far, it’s been fun…I’d love to send my macs sample around too…I’d love to know my macs are hitting the right mark. Let me know if you’re interested…this week’s concoction is mint macarons:)

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