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Welcome. My name is Saskia. This is my/our first blog post. I feel a little self-conscious, but here we go…

Yesterday my sister-in-law (of 40 days), Emily, sent me an email. Subject: Baking – macarons and more. It had clearly been a slow day at work because her email contained several links to various blogs that she had been perusing. All these blogs detailed home chefs’ adventures in baking french macarons. We’d tried them a few months ago, inspired by Syrup and Tang, but the blasted things wouldn’t grow any feet.

Our sadly footless macaron with white chocolate and raspberry ganache

I guess it was pleasing to see that we weren’t the only ones who had experienced macaronic failures. Nonetheless, we’d had a fun time together, bonding over baking – something that we both rather enjoy. (And that salted caramel filling was delectable!!)

Anyway, her email also contained a link to another blog – The Daring Kitchen. On this site, each month one baking recipe and one general cooking recipe is posted, and an online community all have a crack at baking/cooking it and they share their experiences through their own blogs.

Emily wrote to me: “I kinda love the idea of joining the daring kitchen, we could do it together??” And I said, “I’d love to join! It looks like fun”. But, we had to start our own blog to join. And here we are.

And then Em and I started getting really excited about starting a blog, and we emailed back and forth about all the things that we could post: bar and restaurant reviews; cook book reviews; cooking class escapades; and, most importantly, our own culinary travails. These are the things that please us, and I hope that they please you too. Please enjoy!

ps: Many thanks to Matt for setting this up for us. Once again, we’d be lost without your techspertise.

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