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Monthly Archive for October, 2009

I enjoy The Age Epicure section. Less so now in the post-Lethlean era, but it still pleases me somewhat. This week there was a little note on the first page about fish sauce. Not just any fish sauce – it was about the David Thompson endorsed brand, Megachef. Apparently, Mr. Thompson, Thai-food extraordinaire, is ‘truly […]

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Liaison’s macaron

It’s not all about macarons… Although, realistically there will be a lot of macaron-talk on this blog because frankly I am obsessed. Due to my wheat allergy, previous food popularity waves have passed me by (I couldn’t indulge in churros or cupcakes), but now the macaron is on the scene and it is gloriously wheat-free. As mentioned by […]

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Welcome. My name is Saskia. This is my/our first blog post. I feel a little self-conscious, but here we go… Yesterday my sister-in-law (of 40 days), Emily, sent me an email. Subject: Baking – macarons and more. It had clearly been a slow day at work because her email contained several links to various blogs […]

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